Attack on Al-Papsi – Introduction

Not Dead Yet

After a summer of lockdown I finally cracked and decided to try gaming at an appropriate social distance (etc etc). Having painted a ridiculous amount of 40k over the last 5 months, what better way to get back into things than to play a short campaign in a *completely different system*

A Chain of Command Campaign

Chain of Command by Two Fat Lardees is one of my favourite systems for playing tiny mans, and since their campaign books were on sale recently I decided this would do nicely. Charge of ChargeBlog fame is now back in the right county and has kindly made himself available as opposition. We are starting off light with this, planning a short campaign with limited assets to ease ourselves in as it were. There is alot of funky stuff in the TFL books but for now we will content ourselves with some minor skirmishing while we (I) get back into the swing of things…

Attack on Al-Papsi

May 1941,and the British in North Africa have just launched Operation Brevity, a limited offensive with the aim of securing a start line for the next big push. My models are unfortunately almost entirely unsuitable for the exciting bits of this operation, so we will be conducting our private little war off to the side away from the main action at the fictional town of Al-Papsi.


The British centre column have dispatched a company of DLI supported by I Tanks to secure the town of Al-Papsi to secure the flank of their advance. Unfortunate a company of German infantry from Kampfgruppe von Herff have already been posted to the town with exactly the same intention.

If the British can secure the town centre before Axis reinforcements arrive they will have no trouble cutting the Axis forces in half pushing them clean out of the settlement. If the Axis can hold on for panzer reinforcements though they should be able to repel the lightly equipped DLI and hold the town. With Axis support closer at hand than the British, a draw will not do- the British must secure the town to win!

The campaign starts with the British probing the outskirts of the village for a quick way into the town…

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