Attack on Al-Papsi – Part 1

A Little Light Probing…

Game 1 of our mini-campaign sees the DLI probing the outskirts of Al-Papsi trying to find a quick way in to the town centre.

We set up the table – the British would be coming out of the reasonably open desert toward the town, skirting around the outer buildings…


Setup and err… turn 1 deployments

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, so naturally my photos and note keeping weren’t great!

Charge won the patrol phase, pinning my into the field on the left corner of board edge – I would have liked to get into the woods in the centre but I spent too long moving left instead. Oh well.

We deployed jump off points- I got on in the field, one next to the field and one on my board edge behind the woods. Charge got one in the Farm compound, one behind the scrub on his centre board edge and one in the dried up gully on the right of the board.

My plan was to try and get a JoP into the woods in the centre and use that as a launch pad for sections to flank the farm and move forward. My end objective was to move a unit off Charge’s board edge to win, however if I could damage his force early on so much the better.

I took a Recce Carrier section to augment my standard rifle platoon, Charge took ad Adjustant for his DAK.

Early Game

Charge won first turn and started deploying his DAK sections, dropping one onto the roof of the farm immediately. I deployed my Recce Carrier section in the centre ready to push onto the woods, and used their Brens to take shoot up the Zug on the farm. A Rifle Section deployed into the fields to and joined this fire – unfortunately the two units had little impact (heavy cover and long range is not a good combination…). Finally my light Mortar deployed in the centre and started dropping smoke rounds on the farm. Poot!

Charge rather obligingly deployed the rest of his infantry across his remaining two JoPs, and I started moving my carriers up the field, all while the Farm/Field troops kept taking shots at each other…

End Game – It was a short one…

Chain of Command is a great game, but can take a while to get going… As I finished my move to bring my carriers up to the wood, and finally got enough points for the all important CoC dice required to complete my grand strategy, we realised time was pressing on and Herr Charge suggested a decidedly faster strategy…

Basically, my Recce Carriers put their foot down and bum rushed his board edge. Not entirely in the spirit of the game, but very effective, despite several rounds of DAK LMG fire…

Charge meanwhile was slowly moving his right hand Zug across to attack my centre Jump Off Point and the light mortar team there who had been dropping smoke all battle. Had they got closer I would have had to deploy some infantry to deal with them, however as it was my carriers made their get away before he managed to get there.


…and they’re off!

Wrap Up

Well it wasn’t exactly a textbook manoeuvre, but it worked. I will admit I was reluctant to abandon my original strategy- Charge insists he had to drag me over the finish line!

It was good to play games again. I’m sure I got quite abit wrong but thankfully Charge is quite well versed in how this system works. I will have to read up.

Charge was really hampered by his lack of AT (we’re using the 1941 desert lists, and he didn’t have enough points to buy anything…). My Recce carriers had free run of the board, which was nice. I look forward to seeing what my Matilda can do next time…

We took 5 casualties each, from the 2 squads battering each other (and a mortar crew trooper, before I pulled them back) – this translates to 2 dead and 2 wounded each in terms of campaign casualties (….I think.)

What else could we have done?

One of the nice things about CoC is it lets you build up your forces gradually and react to enemy deployments as appropriate. Charge deployed all of his infantry early, at which point I could have gone all in against the farm on the flank, however this would have been a rather bloody affair. Also, I need to remember to use suppression and tactical movement at longer ranges rather than trying to have a straight gun fight – these farms make frightful gun positions, and I’ll be seeing alot more of them shortly.

Charge has also said he should have been more aggressive. If he could have got his infantry into the centre woodland, I would have been boxed in and had a tough job getting out.

Next up- the DLI attack into the suburbs – can the DAK delay them or will they break through?


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